Column generator Stage in Datastage

Column generator Stage in Datastage

The Column Generator stage in DataStage is used to add extra columns with false data. It is a debug stage. It can be utilized while performing unit testing.


Category/Property Values
Options/Column Method Explicit/ Column Method
Options/Column to Generate output column
Options/Schema File pathname

Example :

Let us generate extra column as Unique id;

  1. Go to the properties of Column generator stage.
  2. Define the column name as “Unique_Id” in the column to generate property
  3. Now Go to Output > Columns tab, and you could see the column set in above step is there.
  4. Now click edit row on this column this window will appear and define the values as given below image
Column stage generator properties
Column stage generator properties tab
  1. Close the properties
  2. Compile and run the job

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